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I Can't Handle It…Enough is Enough

Sometimes…no, most of the time, I can be overly ambitious. I legit think I can do anything! This mindset is one of my greatest strengths because it keeps me persistent and determined. On the flip side, however, it can also serve as one of my greatest weaknesses because I don’t always know when to “pull the plug.” And, trust, there is beauty in knowing when enough is enough.

Last month, I was given an opportunity to earn more money through one of my social media accounts. The trade off was increased engagement – meaning more frequent content and more exclusive content for subscribers willing to pay. Of course (because of my ambitious, determined, go-getter attitude), I thought I could take this on without flinching. I mean, I love deep connections with people and surely, I could come up with content – right?

Well…I guess I was right because I was doing it. But about a month into it, I realized, I had not considered the costs. It was at the expense of my creativity for other projects and time with my family. Because of my commitment to paying attention to the way my body communicates with me, this realization happened quickly. My body let me know I was doing too much…I had bitten off more than I could chew.

In the past, this would have been about the time my ambition would have kicked it up a notch and said, “There isn’t a quittin’ bone in you – keep going!” But that is not what happened. This time, my boundaries kicked in. This time, I was able to sit with myself and say, “Cherice, I know you wanted to do this. In fact, I know you thought you could. But you thought wrong and it’s okay to change your mind.”

When I had this conversation with myself, my body was at ease…it had peace. Changing course was the right thing to do. Once I knew this – I acted immediately. I did not wait – harboring hope for circumstances to change. I did not wait – thinking I was going to be able to manifest a 30-hour day. I surrendered, accepted what was, and acted accordingly. I chose to make the best decision for me.

I could have chosen to believe that I quit on myself and the supporters who graciously decided to support me. Instead, I choose to believe that I said, “yes” to myself and served as a living example to those supporters of what self-love looks like in action…

In this scenario, I was able to let love (of self) rule. Think about a difficult situation in your life. What would you do differently if you allowed love to rule?