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Cherice Jackson, Teacher of Loving


As I travel my own self-love journey, it is my goal to help introduce others to their unique journey. When I look at you, I see me. And, because I love me, I love you.

Love is my purpose.


My goals are to:

Embody Love;

Be Love; and,

Spread Love.

Love is my lifestyle.

There aren't many things I know for sure, but I do know that in order to fully love ourselves, we must first know and accept ourselves. It is a journey dedicated to "unbecoming" so that we may truly ourselves permission to show up in this world without regard to other people's opinions, perceptions, or expectations.


As I commit to guiding those who trust me, I am committed to being a lifetime learner. While currently teaching courses at a local college and serving as a trained relationship coach, I continue to make time to study both spirituality and love.

Recent Coursework:

Love as a Force For Social Justice, Stanford University (USA, 2021)

Meditation: A Way to Achieve Your Goals in Life, KAIST (Korea, 2021)

Intellectual Humility: Theory, The University of Edinburgh (Scotland, 2021)

Know Thyself - The Value & Limits of Self-Knowledge, The University of Edinburgh (Scotland, 2021)

Managing Emotions During Times of Uncertainty & Stress , Yale University (USA, 2021)

The Art and Science of Relationships, University of Toronto (Canada, 2022)

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