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Reclaim Your Joy

So often we put expectations on others that they were never intended to fulfill.

We meet people (especially those of the opposite sex) and we, unconsciously, start to imagine all of the ways they will make us happy… and they do – for a season. But then, suddenly – we look around and those very people are gone. I mean, they are here, but they are gone. They aren’t physically or emotionally available for us any longer. At that point, we start making ourselves believe that we aren’t happy.

So the question is – what is happy? And, why did we ever depend on somebody or something else to provide us with this feeling? Why did we put an expectation or a burden on someone that they were never purposed to carry?

Happiness is defined as a state of contentment, pleasure, or joy. If this “feeling” that you were experiencing can be easily altered, can we truly proclaim contentment?

I am a firm believer that joy is rooted within. It’s part of our innermost being. Joy and peace operate similarly. Peace isn’t being at ease when things are skittles and rainbows. Rather, peace is being okay and comfortable in the midst of your troubles. Similarly, joy isn’t being happy only when the sun is shining. Moreover, joy is understanding that even if you stand alone… in the dark – things are well with your soul.

Quit giving others the authority to control your emotions. Be intentional about reclaiming your joy!

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