Feeling Sad and Don't Know Why?

If we are honest, most of us can probably admit that some days are like “pity party heaven.” I do not really know what pity party heaven is…I just made it up. But it sounds like it is the perfect retreat for pity parties, right? On these days, we may wake up feeling kind of blah. Then, because we feel blah, we allow our minds to go down this tornado like spiral where we start thinking about everything in life that could have possibly gone bad for us. And before we know it – well, we are fussing at the kids, yelling at our partner, slamming car doors, losing our keys, and spilling our coffee! I bet you are wondering if I have cameras in your house, huh?

But here is the irony, most of the time we cannot even pinpoint why we were ever mad. And, according to this incident, the only thing we know is that we woke up feeling kind of blah. And God knows, I hope we are not just out here spiraling becau