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Do You Find Your Purpose or Can You Create It?

Life has no meaning without purpose. Yet, somehow most of us create a life full of goals to complete versus creating a life rooted in purpose. Completing goals, however, is meaningless unless we find the purpose in the process. Some say that this search is the reason behind our experience here on earth.

If you are the person who woke up this morning wondering the point of it all, I would like you to know that there is no reason to overcomplicate the search. The reality is - you get to choose. When I figured this out, I intentionally chose to live the life I was looking for in order that I receive the life I wanted. I chose my purpose to be love…to live a loving, and love-filled life.

If you are feeling stuck, empty, incomplete, exhausted, at wit’s end, broken, or lonely…I invite you to consider embodying a love, purposed filled life. Owning love as a purpose is broad, but even if you desire a more specific purpose, I can almost guarantee that starting with a purpose of love will take you where you need to be.

You may be wondering what a love filled purpose looks like on the daily. Let me explain…

I make sure to practice love with even the smallest of my daily chores, such as washing the dishes. I went from grimacing at the dirty dishes as I grudgingly scrubbed the stubborn food off the insides of the pots and pans to smiling as I washed them. As I smile, I offer gratitude for having a family to share meals with. I am overcome with appreciation as I remember that I do not have to worry about living in hunger. I allow myself to be present and feel the warm, soapy, water as it caresses my hands during the dishwashing process. I am fully present in these moments practicing and expressing my love.

Another example would be driving. While there are a thousand things that people may do wrong on the road, every time I get in the driver’s seat, I remind myself that everyone on the road has a common desire to arrive at their destination safely. This anchors me. I then choose to look at each driver through a lens of love and compassion. I understand that some driver’s may be travelling to visit a sick loved one with limited time to live. Some may be headed to a job where their boss is destined to curse them out. Some have kids screaming in the back seat. Others may be excited to get their newborn baby home to introduce them to their siblings. Knowing that people will forget to put on signals and change lanes prior to looking – I intentionally decide to love from a place of understanding anyway. Do I succeed every time – no. When I do not, I recognize it and then quickly, I return to my purpose. I redirect my intentions as many times as it is necessary. Loving with intention, attention, and focus takes practice.

When I started living life with a purpose of love, I realized I could learn to care about anything. The only thing I must do is give it my full attention and choose to care. Furthermore, I will myself to focusing my attention so the love experience is validated. If I am talking to you and loving our experience, I aim to remember your facial expressions and the things that make you laugh. I want to notice when you start anxiously shaking your leg so I can reach out and hold your hand to calm and comfort you. I want you to know that you are seen and undoubtedly loved.

Again, if you woke up this morning wondering about your purpose. For today, I hope you choose to let it be Love.

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1 Comment

Amzi Jackson
Amzi Jackson
Apr 30, 2021

Beautiful! Today I choose love as a purpose and as the base of my intentions everyday in everything I do and experience. Although understanding I might not get it right everyday, but I'll give myself grace and try again. Thank you for opening my eyes to what true love is!

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