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My Children Are My Teachers

The days may not always be easy

And some nights may be filled with tears

But the love that overwhelms my heart when I look at you

Would last ten lifetimes plus infinity years

When you first entered the world, I had it all wrong

I thought my sole job was to protect and teach you

But by and by I’m seeing it differently

I now think I know my truth

Yes, there's a lot to teach

Because there's so much you don’t know

But the more I look in your eyes and see who you are

I understand that you were placed with me to help heal my soul

When I allow you to speak and listen to you

You speak so profoundly in the simplest of ways

You ask me questions that make me dig deep

As we converse with a deep soul gaze

I’ll never forget this one time

You were jumping off of a table repeatedly

I asked you to stop before you got hurt

And that’s when you reminded me

You said, “Mom, you told me I could do anything.”

Which was valid…it was true

Then I explained that I was scared

I didn’t want you to do anything that could harm you

I named a few things that could happen

“What if you fall and hit your head?”

Then, puzzled, you looked back at me and asked

“But what if I land instead?”

It’s moments like this that make me know

I was given a gift in you

So I will cherish, love, and protect

Who you are today and the person you’re growing into

So in that moment you taught me a lesson

That life lives beyond our fears

And in that moment I made a decision

To allow some cultural norms to disappear

For example, I’ll never tell you certain things

Like, “Stay in a child’s place”

Because in my heart I know for sure

Wherever I am, is where you belong – living life with extended grace

I promise to answer all your questions when I can

And my response won’t be “Because I said so”

I want you to see the world through a lens of your own

I want you to allow your heart’s creativity to flow

I want you to feel confident in knowing

I will always protect you and your being

From all of the people who don’t understand you

Even if they consider themselves to be well meaning

I never want to imagine life without everything you give

The kisses, the laughs, and the many hugs each day

When you feel like something is wrong with me

You extend your hand and ask if you can pray

Because of you, I’m living life with no fear

And being the best mom I can

Showing up in all my moments

Believing that when I jump – I’m going to land!

Copywritten ©2021; All rights reserved. No part of this blog/article/website may be reproduced or used in any manner without the written consent of the author except for the use of cited quotations in a review.

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Narayana Jackson
Narayana Jackson
May 09, 2021



kamani alford
kamani alford
May 09, 2021

love this!

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