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Are you a religious person that is easily triggered?

Scrolling through social media, intrigued by the varying opinions that we all feel so strongly about. On the one hand, I am grateful because I have the privilege of witnessing a portion of their story…or at least the one they choose to present. On the other hand, I am saddened to see the wars we create and the judgment we cast because of the different belief systems we have chosen to embody.

What are beliefs and where do they come from? Beliefs are those things we start learning as a child. This learning generally comes from society…culture. We are taught what is real, what is moral, what is possible, what is important, and how to operate within this system. These are the principles we use to create our version of the world which we deem to be true. We make decisions daily in line with these beliefs which then generate the expected outcome of the belief – ultimately continually reaffirming that that which we believe is true. Our beliefs are self-confirming – the more we act in accordance with them, the more evidence appears confirming them. They become so engrained in us that we don’t even recognize them as merely beliefs, but rather a knowing…an undisputable truth.

The fact that these beliefs come from society is a critical point because much of that has to do with proximity and geography. For example, if you are born into a religious family in the United States, you are likely to be raised as a Christian. However, if you are born into a religious family in Pakistan (like my BFF), you are likely to be raised as a Muslim. Remember, as far as we know, we did not get to choose where we’d be born 😊 By and by, we begin to understand that most all people have a set of beliefs by which we live and know to be true.

So, if we can acknowledge this, here is where I get a little lost…Why is it that some religious people get so easily offended by things they have been very intentional about not understanding?

For example, the term “The Universe.” What is the big deal about people referring to The Universe? The Universe represents something much bigger than you or I. It represents the realm where infinite everything exists – infinite peace, infinite abundance, infinite grace, infinite joy, infinite intelligence… Does this not sound like God? So, what if someone says Universe? Do you think your God is offended? Or, are you offended? And, if you are the one offended – Has God given you the right to cast judgment (or make determinations of offense) on God’s behalf?

Another example – other religions. I have polled people of many religions and one thing is certain. All of them have witnessed and/or been the beneficiary of both blessings and miracles. This, in my opinion, is due in large part to our faith. Whether we choose to accept it or not, faith works when it’s worked – no matter the set of beliefs we embody.